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The Best Firefighting and emergency rescue Equipment

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Adventures like hiking, climbing, mountaineering, river running, and backpacking require the use of rescue equipment. These are the things that you do for the sake of enjoyment in your life. But when it comes to serious stuff like firefighting and emergency rescue, the requirement of these pieces of equipment becomes pretty imminent. 

Different types of rope rescue equipment

Fall protection harness comes handy when you are in a suspended position. With the use of the equipment, you can slide yourself from one place to another without falling in the midway. You can access an inaccessible building at a fire on top with the help of it. 
High angle rescue equipment helps you to rescue somebody from in between mountains. The same is effective when you try to rescue somebody in between two highly congested building. 
Rope access equipment is used by professionals working at the top tower, skyscrapers, and bridges. This equipment is designed based on the weight measurement of the person. You can easily work at a height with this equipment with you.
Technical rescues require the special type of pieces of equipment basing on the situations. This equipment can only be used by the professionals with experience and expertise.
As the name suggests, confines space rescue equipment is job and space confined. 

Training requirements for using rescue equipment
Only equipment can’t help you without proper training. The combination of certified pieces of equipment with training by professionals with huge experience and expertise can help you with your situation. Here are some of the training requirements that the industry experts recommend. 
Rope rescue training
Rope access training
High angle rescue and confined space training
Fall protection training
Rope rescue classes

You can purchase all the necessary pieces of equipment at AHS Rescue. The company also provides training to effectively use these types of equipment. Since 1972, the agency has been instrumental in catering to the needs of the individuals and professionals in the industry whether it is certified equipment or the quality training required to use these. 


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